Thumbs Carllile

Music Maker - The Thumbs Carllile DVD

Music Maker - The Thumbs Carllile DVD

On a Friday late in 1986 Thumbs Carllile, his wife Virginia, and his daughter Kathy arrived in Atlanta.  They had checked into a hotel and had dinner with an Atlanta based musician, Barry Richman.

The next day, Saturday, Thumbs had done a radio show with David Chamberlain at the WRFG radio station located in the Little Five Points community.  Later, after the broadcast they decided to stay around and see the sights.

While they were having coffee, a California Guitarist named Scott Henderson was holding a guitar seminar across the street.  Kathy had heard the music and went to investigate.  Kathy told Scott who she and her father were, and that she could sing the Blues.  Kathy sang a song with Scott and he mentioned to please bring Thumbs over to play.  That's where they met David Summerville and found their first place to live.

That evening they stopped by The Pub where Tinsley Ellis was featured that night.  Tinsley had invited Thumbs up to play.  This was Thumb's first club sit in gig in Atlanta. (DVD Menu selection 2 "The Pub.")

Menu selection 1 "Music Makers" features Thumbs appearing on the Music Makers television show being broadcast on Dekalb Community Channel 12.

Menu selection 3 "Finger Ease" which is appropriately titled, is an excerpt of Thumbs playing the guitar solo in Big Boss Man.  This cut presents a slow motion detail view of the graceful finger technique which depicted the unique Thumbs Carllile style.

-Virginia Carllile

New DVD of Thumbs Carllile
Total running time approx. 45 minutes
*note* this is NOT Hi-Definition or Surround Sound
It's all we have of Thumbs and we know you'll love it!

Only $15 includes shipping First Class Mail  -  USA only

Only $17.50 includes shipping Air Mail  -  International orders only wonderful !!! ....I'm so excited that people will get to see him play.... thank you so much...
love Virginia Carllile
I received an email about this DVD on Tuesday, paid for it immediately and now am watching this scarce great DVD with my tongue hanging out!  This is truly great rare solo footage of the great Thumbs Carllile (spelling is correct, I checked) with interview.  If you are into guitar, Roger Miller or just country music this is something that you can't miss having.  Richard Seinfeld, NY, NY

Got my DVD and thanks very much. It's been so hard to equate the magic of the CD's to the possibility of a guitarist actually playing some of it. I notice that Thumbs must be double jointed to allow him to barre three notes as he does. Colin Woodland,UK

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Thumbs Carllile CDs

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