Thumbs Carllile

Six rare and out of print Thumbs Carllile records are now available
on special limited edition Compact Disc!

Click on the highlighted songs for audio samples!

On His Own - Thumbs Carllile   Guitar Wizard - Thumbs Carllile   Roger Miller Presents Thumbs Carllile

"On His Own"


"Guitar Wizard"


"Roger Miller Presents"

  1. Wounded Knee
  2. Son
  3. Lost Highway
  4. Raunchy
  5. Close to You
  6. Mystery Train
  7. Killing Me Softly
  8. Me & Memphis    
  9. Old Friend
10. Silver Wings
11. Getting Your Ship Together
12. Family Tree
  1. Just The Way You Are
2. I Feel Like Makin Love
3. Dance With Me
4. Sin Drums
5. Stayin' Alive
6. Where Do We Go From Here
7. Lonely Bull
8. Reminissin 
"Guitar Wizard" was mastered from a mint condition "Direct to Disk" LP!  Exceptional quality!
    1. Yesterday
  2. Hold It
  3. Minute Minuet
  4. My Bossa Nova
  5. Caravan
  6. Downtown
  7. Candy Girl
  8. Bach to Bach
  9. Engine, Engine #9
 10. Fly Me To The Moon
 11. Moonglow
 12. Mister Funk
Jazz Carllile Style - Thumbs Carllile   Life and Times - Thumbs Carllile   All Thumbs - Thumbs Carllile

"Jazz Carllile Style"


"Life and Times"


"All Thumbs"

 1. Feels So Good
 2. Blue Skies
 3. Velvet Funk
 4. Curves Ahead 
 5. Sunshine of my Life
 6. Home Grown
 7. Mercy, Mercy
 8. Hank's Theme
"Jazz Carllile Style" is also mastered from a mint Direct to Disk LP! Hot and Clean!
  1. Way Back In The Hills
 2. Catch Me If You Can
 3. Lie To Me
 4. Hold Me Up
 5. Worried Over You 
 6. Bury Me Beneath The Willow
 7. Love's Been Good To Me
 8.When I Grow Too Old To Dream
 9. Cotton Eyed Joe
Thumbs Carllile sings!
   1. On The Street Where You Live
  2. Strangers In The Night
  3. Autumn Leaves
  4. A Good Time
  5. Greensleeves
  6. Let It Be me
  7. Harmony Grits
  8. Gravy Waltz
  9. Old Cape Cod
10. Bill Bailey
11. Morning Star
12. Just Blues

Click on the highlighted songs for audio samples!

On His Own  
$12.50 & $2.50 s&h First Class Mail
On His Own  
Guitar Wizard  
$15 & $2.50 s&h First Class Mail
Guitar Wizard  
On His OwnGuitar Wizard  
$27.50 & $3.50 s&h First Class Mail
On His Own & Guitar Wizard  
Jazz Carllile Style  
$15 & $2.50 s&h First Class Mail
Jazz Carllile Style  
Life and Times  
$12.50 & $2.50 s&h First Class Mail
Life and Times  
Jazz Carllile StyleLife and Times  
$27.50 & $3.50 s&h First Class Mail
Jazz Carllile Style & Life and Times  
Roger Miller Presents  
$12.50 & $2.50 s&h First Class Mail
Roger Miller Presents  
All Thumbs  
$12.50 & $2.50 s&h First Class Mail
All Thumbs  
Roger Miller PresentsAll Thumbs  
  $25 & $3.50 s&h First Class Mail
Roger Miller Presents & All Thumbs  
On His OwnGuitar WizardJazz Carllile Style
Life and TimesRoger Miller PresentsAll Thumbs
USA OnlyAll Six CDs USA only  
$80 & $5 s&h Priority Mail
Europe OnlyAll Six CDs Europe and Japan  
$80 & $12 s&h Priority Mail Intl.

Thumbs Carllile DVD Music Maker
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With kind permission from Virginia Carllile, these rare and OOP records have been remastered by and are available as a special limited collector's edition.  Every care has been taken to preserve the natural sound of the original records and remove clicks, pops and surface noise.  Original album artwork has been transferred to CD as well.  If you're a fan of Thumbs Carllile, here is your chance to enjoy these four very rare albums on CD!
"My dear Eric...there is simply no way to express my gratitude for your interest in putting together the website and CDs for Thumbs.....the sound quality is just superb, and the site is first class! Thumbs would be so proud....and so am I. Thank you more than I can say."
Virginia Carllile
"Thanks for making this page for Thumbs and giving people access to this great and unique guitarist. I have enjoyed listening to Thumbs music more than anyone's. Incredible
live performances and tasty, innovative recordings."
 Matt Miller
“Thumbs Carllile on His Own” is a nice recording re-release by the critically under-appreciated guitarist, Thumbs Carllile who good-naturedly spanned many genres with his homegrown virtuosity. He tackles jazz and country music both with a deep feeling for both and funkiness oozing between his fingers! Thumbs was the baddest!

Thumbs Carllile “Guitar Wizard” is the product of a brilliant and very original guitarist playing well known soft rock and easy listening pieces with the assistance of Nashville “A-Team” players of the 1970’s. His self taught technique of “lap guitar” is definitely worth investigating!

Dave Chamberlain ”Sagebrush Boogie” WRFG Atlanta 89.3
Eric, you did a fantastic job ! (sounds nice and full , not limp and compresed) ."On His Own" is Thumbs finest hour & the cd sounds better than my mint cond. LP! Congrats...
Gil Parris  
Having heard the brilliant musicianship of Thumbs Carllile live onstage many times, as well as listening to the original LP recordings, I can honestly say that these remasterings are as good as the former, and way better than the latter.--
Maggie Van Ostrand Former roadie to Roger Miller
Thanks for the fine work you did in creating the Thumbs Carllile cd’s. I have thoroughly enjoyed them. He was a great talent and it is such a treat to be able to enjoy his music in cd format.
Keep up the good work,

Gary Liden
Eric, I have listened, very carefully.  I love "Jazz Carllile Style"...the best work (from Thumbs) I have heard... and I have heard a  lot ! Everything is clear and precise...good mix..etc.  Mundell Lowe
Hi Eric,
I havent heard "On His Own"sound that good since I bought the original LP back in 1974!In fact it even sounds better!!!Great job on the cover work also.Thank you for keeping Thumbs music alive and for the wonderful job you have done restoring his music.
Joe Campbell Huntington Beach,California
Thank you Eric for putting this together for all us Thumbs geeks & wannabee's. I had two of these original albums, but now I've got another 50 yrs of learning. Thanks!
Redd Volkaert
I recieved all four of thumbs carlille albums and a few songs took my mind back to 1952-53 in grand ole opera in palms garden in frankfort germany. our little group was called dixie drifters..It was such a pleasure just standing on stage with him and listen to a MASTER play a guitar with such vigor and with very little ease Still to this day i am in awe just listening to his music..I understnd that he has more songs and ablums that i would sure love to get ...thank you so much for your work in bringing a master of a guitar back in to my life... after 55 years i have started to play once more
but my 76 year old fingers are not quite as limber as they once were---Thank you one more time...
Everett R biggs 

Click here for info about “Four Lady Thumbs: A Musical Evening with Three Generations of Carllile Women: Virginia, Kathy, Tammy and Calli”

And the Carllile Women Gave a Fantastic Show

Friends of Thumbs Carllile

Dick Shuey's Country Stories


  Musicians on "Guitar Wizard"
Thumbs Carllile - Guitar
Henry S. Strzelecki - Bass
Billy R. Sandford - Electric Guitar
Buddy Gene Emmons - Steel Guitar
David Paul Briggs - Keyboard
William W. Pussell - Keyboard
Terry McMillan - Harmonica percussion
Phil Baugh - Electric Guitar
Ralph Gallant - Drums

Musicians on "Jazz Carllile Style"
Thumbs Carllile - Guitar
Henry R. Strzelecki - Bass
Bill R. Sandford - Electric Guitar
Buddy Emmons - Steel Guitar
William W. Pursell - Keyboard
Terry Lee McMillian - Percussion
Phil Baugh - Electric Guitar
Murry Harman - Drums
Beegle Adair - Keyboard
Ralph Gallant - Drums
Jerry Shook - Electric Guitar

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